Explaining: Immediate Expensing

Today’s modern, efficient food supply provides consumers with competitive prices for beef at the grocery store. It is out of sight for most consumers, but built into the price tag for the New York Strip in the meat aisle is a wide array of production costs. Immediate expensing is one way to help agricultural producers manage these costs, and incentive further investment in businesses and employees.

Immediate expensing allows farmers and ranchers to accelerate their cost recovery of investments in their business. Equipment, fertilizer and soil conditioners, environmental conservation expenditures, and the cost of raising and breeding cattle are major capital investments. Without them, farmers and ranchers would not be able to sustain and grow their business.

The Bottom Line:

Given the capital intensity of agriculture, NCBA supports proposals to allow for the immediate expensing of capital purchases, which would be used extensively by U.S. livestock producers.


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